Where can I buy dance shoes?

There are several places online where you can buy your dance shoes. The brand is not that important but to find the style and shape that suits you. Shoes come in all different price categories. For beginners and improvers (until you get to competitive level) you can have one pair of shoes that can be used both for ballroom (waltz, viennese waltz, tango, quickstep, foxtrot) and latin ( cha cha, salsa, samba, bachata, jive, rumba, swing etc). Some of the pages where you can find shoes are below. You can also go to visit a shop if you would like to try on the shoes beforehand. Shoes should fit tightly but comfortably. If you need any support in choosing the right shoe don’t hesitate to contact me.
These are all great brands and I can recommend:
This is very cheap but I can’t guarantee for the quality, but maybe a good idea if you are just starting out and don’t want to spend too much money: