What should I wear for my first Adult and Ballroom Beginners Class?

Hi everyone! I often get asked by new students what they should wear for their first ballroom and latin dance class, so I will try to answer this here. 

 The most important thing for me when you come to your first class is that you feel comfortable! If this means wearing trainers, you are welcome to do that. In general though I suggest wearing a shoe with a low heel for the ladies, as this changes the balance slightly and moves your weight more forward. For the gentlemen I suggest wearing anything that doesn't have a rubber sole, as this can make it harder to move and turn on the floor. 

Regarding clothing you can wear anything you would wear everyday, as long as you can move comfortably in it. Usually we learn to dance because we want to use the steps when we go out and dance socially so anything that you would wear going out socially in, would be a good idea to wear to the class ( although you don't need to be too formal).

 If you want, at a later stage, to invest in special dance shoes, or a dance skirt or dress, I am happy to advise you on that and please just ask. But for your first classes the focus will mainly be on learning steps and what shoes and clothes you wear is not that important as long as it doesn't restrict your movement too much.

 Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing you in class!