Which song should we choose for our First Dance?

I can make you dance to anything! If you have a particular song with a significant meaning to you as a couple, we can find a solution and adapt a style to make it fit to that particular piece of music, even if it is not one of the usual choices for a wedding song.

 Some songs have a clear beat which makes it a little easier to dance to. Also the tempo being  neither too slow or too fast is an advantage. I am always happy to listen to new ideas and give you my advice. 

 You can either go traditional with something slow and romantic or surprise your guests with something completely different, such as a first dance I choreographed recently, to “can’t touch this” by MC Hammer, or maybe an upbeat Swing or a passionate tango?

 If you decide to go the traditional route, below is a list of the most popular First Dance songs.

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-       “Thinking out loud” Ed Sheeran

-       “L-O-V-E” Nat King Cole

-       “At Last” Etta Cameron

-       “A thousand years” Christina Perri

-       “Better together” Jack Johnson

-       “Can’t help falling in love” Elvis Presley

-       “Everything” Michael Buble

-       “Fly me to the moon” Frank Sinatra

-       “Marry you” Bruno Mars

-       “Your song” Elton John